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Find the SkyTrain Ad Contest!

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Jun. 6th, 2013 | 07:54 pm
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posted by: ae_chan_x3 in anime_evolution

Pre-registration may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a pass! Starting this week, we will have 4 Skytrain ads going up at stations around the city and once again we’re holding a contest to find them all! The first person to find all four will win a Gold Pass to Anime Evolution! We also have regular 3-day passes for the second and third people to find them.

To enter, take a picture of each ad in the station and email them along with the names of the skytrain station they came from to society@animeevolution.com. Hint: They can be located on any of the 3 skytrain lines.

Good luck!

Also: have you kept up to date on our guests? www.animeevolution.com

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